Philip E Wolfson, MD

What Category Provider type are you? Internal Medicine
What board certifications do you hold? CEO The Ketamine Research foundation, CEO Awakened Medicine Foundation
How many years have you been in ketamine practice? 10
What percentage of your work is clinical versus research? 60/40
Please describe any connections you have to major universities, research institutions and pharmaceutical companies, both financial and advisory/board? None
What are your views regarding desirability and appropriateness of including and fostering the variety of practitioners who presently administer ketamine for mood disorders? We have trained 310 practitioners to date in KAP and are continuing to do so in myriad ways. We conduct didactic and experiential 5 day trainings. We just produced 7 days of programming as the K Dome.MicroDome of the Infinite Playa available on our youtube channel. We view optimal care as consisting of teams of practitioners.
What is your preferred route of administration of ketamine for mood disorders. What are your thoughts about the appropriateness or therapeutic value of other routes? sublingual and IM
I am an advocate for ketamine as an assisted psychotherapy and work with all ketamine practitioners especially to advance the merits of this approach.
How do you approach the problem of integrating the transient altered state we induce into the patient’s overall psychic economy? What is the practitioner’s responsibility in this regard? Our sessions tend to run for 3 hours and include intensive opening psychotherapy, and integration during and following the administration of ketamine. Follow-up and further integration sessions occur. We provide and support at home use of sublingual lozenges under tight supervision. Our work is an ongoing psychotherapeutic process that includes family members and we provide couples counseling.
Please describe your present clinical practice. How will it look different in 5 years? I am near 77 and still practicing diligently and will continue to do so as well as move into a more oversight position in our clinic, The Ketamine Research Foundation takes more and more of my time as its practices and research expand vigorously.
How do you envision ASKP3 growing over the next 4 years? ASKP iis situated in an evolving field of psychedelic assisted psychotherapy with developments of other medicines such as MDMA and Psilocybin coming into the toolbox in the next two years. ASKP can expand its vision and provide a base of trained practitioners with the skills necessary to conduct assisted psychotherapies. I would be pleased to support that process.